Sunday, August 18, 2002

that's not the way that bloxsom works is it. must be running the script on the server. oh well.
damn its hot, 80 degrees at 3:30 am.
this is still not my dream tool. my database/outliner/editor. i think i need to look at bloxsom again and find a way to get it to put my local posts on a remote server.
death by a thousand posts. will blogger get annoyed with blogBot's frequent posts? will blogspot spurn blogger?
it's difficult to craft a longer piece in this format. not that im a writer or anything. just easier to whine about that than to come up with any real ideas.
would be nice if this could be extended to accept inline images. since aim handles basic file transfer and all. of course that wouldnt work with blogspot blogs. and it would be a burden on fibiger's server... but i i could run my own dang bot... hrm, must go back to their site.
if you feel like trying out bloggerBot on your own blog go here:
mr bloggerBot says that it cant publish but it seems to have worked fine. testing!
is it true that the only thing stopping me from blogging is the tool? it hardly seems likely but it never hurts to check.that this might be the tool seems unlikely. not because IM isn't a nice and convenient but because iChat's text entry area sucks, first post on august 18th. any bets on when the last post will be?